Petralilium in Praesepio

In the Church of Pity ‘s authoritative frame, it is a unique and exciting experience to visit this Nativity Scene: you will feel like being Gulliver in Lilliput land. Petraelilium in Praesepio is the original crib that faithfully reproduces sights and monuments of Petralia Sottana and it was created thanks to the patient work of art and craftsmanship. This Christmas Nativity Scene was set up for the first time in 1998 and it was just an attempt, but at last it became a successful and quite original way to interpret the religious event connecting it with the context of the local civil society and its long and interesting history. During the reconstruction of the Nativity, this new module has emphasized the most significant moments recognisable in the ancient and still existent artefacts that are related both to the religious and civic functions of the daily life. The miniature reconstructions help to revive in an immediate and effective way the ages at which they refer, stimulating the visitor to live the moments of life of that time, that could appear distant from our daily life. Farm tools, like the plough and other rudimentary ones, are faithfully reproduced and they are evidences of the fact that the techniques used for the field cultivations (monoculture wheat was overwhelming) have been almost unchanged up to our days. It is possible to see what was necessary to grow grapes and to produce good quality wine, despite of the altitude.

The reproduction of indispensable tools used for craft transmits a little more melancholy. In the past craftsmanship (shoemakers, blacksmiths, carpenters) was very present and excellent, but at our days it has been reduced as well as agriculture, herding and production of typical food that are still very required by neighbouring cities.
The research of the promoters has developed in this direction, so they have helped to transmit the warmth of life of past times and the signs of that hard work that mixed with hardship and deprivation, were distinctive features of our population. Our population has always been industrious and committed to support an economy that is burdened by numerous restrictions and natural bonds.
These emphasized qualities, that are still very current, may be useful to stimulate the younger generation because even if the terms of the new state are changed, young people must be present and accompany every civil and human progress.

You can visit the crib booking at: +39 347 524 6413

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