Travel… in the heart of the Madonie

Prossimi Eventi


Immerse yourself in the streets, churches and palaces of one of the most iconic towns of the Madonie. Artistic, geological and historical itineraries to be discovered.

Cultural Events

Petralia Sottana hosts a large calendar of both summer and winter events. Music, theatre, cinema, folklore, debates in the center of one of the most beautiful areas in Sicily.

Naturalistic Itineraries

The park is home to over half of the Sicilian plant species, and in particular a large part of those present only in Sicily (such as the endangered Abies nebrodensis, in the Vallone Madonna degli Angeli). The site was included in the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network on 17 November 2015, during the 38th

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Petralia is a special country, rich in history and culture. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes you can't help but love it!
Fabio Farinella
Citizen of Petralia

Our History

The civic coat of arms is the Rock Lily, a golden lily plant on a red background. Reconnected to the probable origin of the town’s denomination (Lilium Petrae). The coat of arms is surmounted by the city crown. Under the coat of arms there is a scroll with the motto “Lilium Petrae”. It was granted by decree of the President of the Italian Republic on 27 July 1993.