Civic Museum “Antonio Collisani”


The museum consists of two sections: the geological one, called “Madonie’s Geopark Giuseppe Torre”, and the archaeological one with the ” Collisani Collection “.

The first contains rocks and fossils relating to more than two hundred million years. It describes an important cross section of geological history of the Madonie’s area, and is headed by Giuseppe Torre, a geologist of Petralia.

After seeing a section dedicated to the “Cave of Vecchiuzzo”, inside the museum is possible to admire the prestigious Collisani’s Collection, a vast repertoire of prehistoric vases, numerous archaic, Hellenistic, and post Hellenistic terracotta statuettes, attic red-figure and black-figure vases and a wide range of glass paste productions. Finally, there is a showcase dedicated to manufactured articles made of metals such as silver and bronze.

Temporarily closed

Further information:
Corso Paolo Agliata, 100 – 90027 Petralia Sottana, (PA)
Tel  0921.641811 – 3299394442

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