The church of Mercy was built in the XVI century and then rebuilt in 1613, as it is reported in a contract of 7th August, of the notary Alfonso Matta. It was built at the expense of the company of Mercy that was founded in 1590.

Nothing remains inside to give evidences about the history of the church. Inside there was a painting that represents the Divine Mercy. Today the painting is preserved on the right wall of the main altar in the church of the Most Holy Trinity.

A wooden golden-plated statue of St. Eligius was another work of art of this church.

The bell tower of the church of Mercy was built in 1597 by Master Pietro Tozzo and it was probably made at the same time as the previous construction. It has a clock and three bells.

The sundial was built by Friar Fedele Bencivinni in 1882.

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