Geological and archaeological path of S. Miceli

S. Miceli area is located a few miles from both Petralia Sottana and Soprana and there it is possible to find some remains of the old monastery.
The emerging substrate consists of fine sandstones and mudstones marl with big quartz-sandstone and other sandstone banks that are indicated as Numidian Flysch deposits (Member of Geraci). An evident tectonic contact goes through it.
The Age is probably upper Oligocene – Early Miocene and moving eastward, in outcrop, you can see silty-clay, clay – arenaceous layers with maxi-breccia and Meso-Cainozoic carbonate elements (Clays of Portella Mandarini).
It is easily accessible through the forest path that starts from the provincial road to Piano Battaglia, it is still a very impressive place to visit that tells about the union rock-man that was very developed in the Madonie.

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