Historical Municipal Archive

The historical archives of Petralia Sottana include a central body, that was rearranged between 1991 and 1992 and consists of documents that are dated between 1601 and 1932 and organized in 920 folders and stored in three cataloguing systems:

The oldest part consists of documents ranging from 1601 to 1859, organized following the year of production;

the second group consists of documents ranging from 1860 to 1900 and it is organised in titles, divided into 34 categories;

The third group consists of documents ranging from 1901 to 1932 and it is organised in titles (according to the low called “Astengo” ), divided in 15 categories.

In 2011, after a work of reorganization, two sections were added:

the first section consists of the temporary land registry documents;

the second section consists of 910 archival units that have been studied, catalogued and grouped in folders.

The archive also includes documents relating to Castellana Sicula that belonged to the City of Petralia Sottana until 1947.

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