In the footsteps of Zoppo di Gangi

Giuseppe Salerno, called Zoppo di Gangi (the lame from Gangi, 1588-1630), was a great artist who dominated the Mannerism of the Madonie, and who left in Petralia Sottana many of his greatest artworks.

  • One of his works of art is kept in the Church of Saints Mark and Biagio. The arched altarpiece representing Our Lady of Graces with Saints Mark and Biagio (oil on canvas, 1611).
  • In the Church of St. Francis are kept two of his works: The Holy Family with St. Anne and St. Joachim (oil on canvas, 1607) and the large canvas depicting St. Francis receiving the stigmata (oil on canvas, 1624).
  • The Mother Church conserves the following pieces attributed to Joseph Salerno: The Triumph of the Eucharist with the Saints Catherine and Peter Martyrs (oil on canvas, 1617); The Five Wounds of Christ (oil on canvas, 1629); St Maurus, Abbot (oil on canvas, 1623); St. Onuphrius.
  • The Dormition of the Virgin is one of the most beautiful paintings; in the past it was kept in the convent of the Reformed Friars, while now is housed in the Palazzo del Giglio (the Town Hall).

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