The Oratory of the Rosary was built in 1671 by Don Carlo Di Maria, as well as the company founded on 8th June 1674 that has the same name of the church.


On the left wall of the church there is a painting depicting the Annunciation. It is a painting of the late XVII century of popular taste, which represent a bedroom with a four-poster bed where the Virgin was reading the Scriptures when the Angel came to give her Announcement.

On the same side of the church, there is a wooden crucifix of popular workmanship.

On the right side there is a marble statue of popular taste of the Virgin and Child, supported by two little angels reporting the following inscription: “Maria Mater consolatri afflictor ora pro nobis Mattheus De Venuto proud hoc opus fecit 1677”.

The church has a small choir and beautiful majolica with geometric and floral figures. It is possible to see the remains of an ancient organ pipe too.

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