It is possible to practice different types of trekking in Petralia Sottana and its territory:

Urban paths: through the streets of the old town;

Trekking Routes on paths or marked by clearly visible path tracks, usually with insignia. There are steep distances. Exposed sections are normally protected or equipped. It may provide easy not exposed passages on the rock. Specific mountaineering knowledge are not required;

Trekking for experts: itineraries are generally signed, but they requires the ability to move on special lands, for example arduous or treacherous distances, rocky passages with minor technical difficulties(eg. equipped passages), not signed distances, etc;

Experts equipped hikers: Activity paths that require the use of the equipment;

Snowy itineraries: itineraries in snowy environment that requires the use of snowshoes. They are not very sloping clear paths and they have not exposed sections.

Guide AIGAE (Associazione Italiana Guide Ambientali ed Escursionistiche)
Francesco Bencivinni
cel: 3471369056

Italian Alpine Club (C.A.I.)
section of Petralia Sottana
President Vincenzo Macaluso
Tel. 3495864371

Association Quota Mille
Telefono 389 063 5221

Association Haliotis
Tel: 3494967912 -3389208845

Madonie Outdoor ASD
Tel: 3473237734 – 3397727584