Urban Geological Path Geopark

The Urban Geological Path Geopark of Petralia Sottana is an interesting urban route where geology, history and art meet, and it is the first in Europe. It takes us on a journey where it is possible to walk on the Miocene fossils, meet corals on the portals of the houses and discover fountains and contact springs.

Along a path marked with brass studs, you can find Miocene fossils and other geological curiosities:

  • Fossils of Paolo Agliata Avenue;
  • Contact spring (courtyard of Hotel Madonie, fountain of St Mary of the Fountain church, fountain u canali);
  • Mother Church (Fossils of the external elevation, monolithic columns made of Lumachella rock);
  • Saint Peter Church (corals fossils on the portal);
  • Monumental tree (wood of the convent of the Reformed Friars);
  • Ancient ice pit (in the pinewood);
  • Gasena Cave;
  • Caves of Petralia (districts of Conceria, San Salvatore, Pusterna).

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