Church of the Virgin of Mount Carmel

The little church of the Most Holy Virgin of Mount Carmel stands in the square of the district Carminello (Carmine).

Around 1554 the Dominicans settled in Petralia Sottana in the Convent of Mount Carmel. At that time the church was dedicated to St. Venera, in fact there is a picture of her in the church. In 1580 it changed its name into Church of the Annunciation. In 1592 the monastery was ceded to the Prior of the Carmelites.

The facade is linear with the buttresses highlighted by white stone. The portal is simple and surmounted by two arms of blind arch that encloses a plaque with inscription.

The altarpiece is a valuable painting that represents a natural landscape where the Virgin with the Child are set on the clouds, among an angelic choir and they give tribute to two Carmelite monks. The small painting has a typical XVII century setting, it was later enriched with elements in relief, in fact the Mother and Child have been crowned and the Virgin has been assigned the Immaculate’s identifiers, for example the twelve stars around her head and the moon at the foot appeared. At the same time the Child gives her a Rosary.

On the sides of the altar there are two statues depicting St. Rita and the Virgin of Mount Carmel and Child.

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