The path of the fearful canyon Canna was identified by the Madonie Park and re-valued by the Company Piano Farina. It has a lot of unique features that you can enjoy after crossing the so called carcatizzu (mountain meadow) and arriving at a view on the fearful canyon where, on the wall called Pizzo Canna, the golden eagle nests.

Path of the marcato (a typical unrefined Sicilian ranch that was used only in some seasons)haystack

After the gate, in a few minutes you can reach the marcato that is a structure consisting of two recovered haystacks. The largest one is used as a museum and to taste local products, the smallest one, that has a furnace outside, is used to prepare cheese./p>

Panoramic Route

Once you have left the marcato, the path continues and it joins on one side with the Path No. 19 of the Madonie park, on the other on view on the Tyrrhenian Sea.


Path of Juniper

Passing through a haystack, you reach two secular oak trees, and then you get to the peak of juniper. This is a panoramic point from where you can see the area that extends from Etna to all the tops of the Madonie. Obviously, it is possible to observe the characteristics of juniper plants.

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