Palazzo del Giglio


Palazzo Del Giglio, the Town Hall of Petralia Sottana, has an odd story. In the past the Municipal Building was the hospital of Saint Julian, a single body with a church annexed that now is disappeared. The hospital building was remodeled and expanded in 1671.

In 1862, with the transfer of Church property to the State, the Religious Administration sold the Church of St Francis to the Municipality of Petralia Sottana, to build the Paolo Agliata Avenue and the town hall.

The then Mayor Raffaele Rampolla proposed a trade to the Abbot Pucci: the parish would have regained the church of St Francis in exchange for the church of St Julian. The proposal was accepted. The City Council approved it on 21st July 1869, and the contract was approved in 1870. The Church of St Julian became property of the Town, allowing the enlargement of the Avenue under construction at that point. Over the years, the entire body of the hospital and the church was transformed in the Town Hall.

The Palace takes the name “Del Giglio” from the municipal coat of arms that represents a lily on a red background. Until the postwar period the building hosted, in the ground floor, the Conservative Club, then the post office.

Today the building is used entirely for municipal offices and services.

The palace hosts valuable works, such as a Murano chandelier in the room of the Mayor, the painting of the Dormition of the Virgin realized by Giuseppe Salerno and an impressive filigree Bourbon eagle.

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