Public library “Francesco Inguaggiato Fatta”

The public library of Petralia Sottana was founded in 1943 by the will of the Touristic Association “Pro Petralia” . The Association, carrying out the intentions expressed by the countryman Mr. Francesco Inguaggiato Fatta and in deference to his memory, created the public library in the house that Mr. Francesco Inguaggiato Fatta had donated to the City, with the annuity left on this purpose.
The library has over 16,000 books. Besides the General section, there are: the Sicilian Section; the Local and Madonie section; the teen-section; the old fund.

For further information:
Via Carapezza,1 – 90027 Petralia Sottana (PA)
Tel and fax 0921.641451