From 13th May 2012, a painting of St. Michael the Archangel was placed inside a wooden niche, at 1,300 meters above sea level, next to a source, in the same place that Mr. Salvo Valenti saw in his dreams. The Archangel would have appeared several times in Mr. Salvo Valenti’s dreams, inviting him to lay a picture of St. Michael close to a source of the Madonie. Next to the painting, you can also read the “dictated” that Valenti would receive from St. Michael. Salvo Valenti is native of Palermo, and thanks to his intercession, different “miraculous” events would have taken place in the whole Sicily, so that the place has become a pilgrimage site.

Cautiously, the Bishops’ Court has specified on this regard, that:
• in the territory of our diocese, on the slopes of “Mont’Alto”, it is not known the existence of a long-standing or recent institued shrine dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel as a destination for pilgrimages, which involve the participation of priests or faithful of the Church of Cefalù;
• the “pilgrimage” is exclusively a personal initiative, that responds to individuals’ possible spiritual needs, but it is not agreed nor approved by the competent ecclesiastical authority;
• as far as we know, the self-styled “visionary” Mr. Salvo Valenti is not recognized by any ecclesial reality.