Cine Theatre Grifeo

The Theatre Grifeo of Petralia Sottana was officially opened on 8th September 1862. The story goes a long time ago, an amount of money left over after the construction of a bridge over the river Imera. It was assigned by the Count Grifeo to the creation of a meeting place for Petralia’s people. So he thought of turning the old warehouse of ‘Rabba’, used to store grain for emergencies caused by possible famine, into a theater. As there was not enough money, it was necessary a contribution of Petralia’s citizens.
The theatre had three rows of chairs on which the financing families had the right of first refusal during the opening nights. Until the post first World War period, it worked regularly as a theatre, then was turned into a cinema and was run for several decades by a municipal employee, Mr. Gussio. Over time the conditions of the structure got worse and in the 50s the Municipality of Petralia Sottana, as it had not funds for the restoration, entrusted its management to a private company which rebuilt it and acquired its rights for 20 years.
At the deadline of this commitment, the Municipality entrusted the cinema theater to a new management, but unfortunately in 1979 a landslide occurred in the town involving also the cine theater Grifeo. In order to make it functioning and safe, the structure was restored and modified in full compliance with safety standards, and completed in 1987. Anyway, only on 23rd of January 1993 the cine-theatre Grifeo reopened its doors with a new cine-cultural season.
The cinema theater Grifeo has an audience and a gallery for a total of 182 seats, and it can be used both as cinema and as theater, as it has a wide stage and dressing rooms for the actors. Many famous actors have been on its stage, from Arnoldo Foa, Michele Placido, Mara Berni, the late lamented Vincent Schiavelli, to Antonio Albanese and many other Sicilian artists.

Sito nel corso Paolo Agliata lo storico Teatro Grifeo è spesso utilizzato per l’organizzazione di meeting ed eventi.

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