Feast of the Madonie’s Autumn Flavours

The main street is pervaded by the unmistakable scent of roast chestnuts, many delicacies peek out from food stands, seasonal fruit colours the counters of shops: that’s how Petralia Sottana looks like in the Feast of the Madonie’s Autumn Flavours day, an event that every last weekend of October welcomes the new season to the sound of taste, culture and tradition.
This feast, which is organized by the Municipal Traders and entirely financed by the Town Council of Petralia Sottana, is an integral part of Petralia’s event calendar: a showcase of excellent products that draws a large number of visitors from all over Sicily. It is an event full of initiatives that, in addition to local gastronomy, promotes the architectural and natural resources, the traditions and legends, the material and immaterial culture of Madonie’s Park.

The visitor has at his disposal several dishes to delight his/her palate: from the afternoon of Friday he has the possibility to taste pulses soups, wild boar sauce, minestrone soup prepared with local vegetables, barbecue sausage and stigghiole (guts), roasted chestnuts, local fruit and typical sweets for all tastes, from the fried guastedde to cannoli, from masticuttì to homemade cakes, and all is accompanied by wine and sangria at will. On Sunday he can taste also free fresh ricotta cheese prepared at the moment and other local products. To navigate in this triumph of delicacies, it is possible to consult the Map of flavours in which the food stands are marked with a number, that in the legend corresponds to the main dish they offer.

The weekend in Petralia Sottana will be unforgettable also thanks to exhibitions, conferences, visits with couriers, book presentations, solidarity, nature walks, children’s entertainment, didactic farms, guided tours, music, shows.
Beyond the celebration of flavours inspired by the name, the feast is also and above all the occasion to promote and enhance the products De.CO, that are the Municipal Origin Marked products. The mark De.CO is an effective tool for the promotion and the development of the local area, because it certifies the place of “birth” and “growth” of products and traditions that are strongly representative of the community’s identity.

For further information about the event and the initiatives, visit the official website www.festadeisaporimadoniti.it. You’ll find all the updates in real time on the Facebook page “Festa dei sapori madoniti” and on Twitter profile @FestaDeiSapori.