Path of monumental trees: you can choose from a wide range of natural monuments included in the Regional List of the Monumental Plant (Decree 29th September 2005) that are in the territory of Petralia Sottana. There are 16 tree species (21 specimens) that have been surveyed as monuments of nature by Region Sicily:

  • Arbutus unedo of Villa Sant’Andrea
  • Ash tree of Puntaluoro
  • Wild pear tree of Fratasella
  • Oak tree of Villa Sant’Andrea
  • Oak tree of Pizzo Stefano
  • Chestnut tree of Taccarelle
  • Black Poplar of Petralia Sottana
  • Field Maple of Piano Pomo
  • Field Maple of Pomieri
  • Oak of Sempria
  • Oak of Cozzo Luminario
  • Oak of Piano del Riposo
  • Oak of Pomieri
  • Oak of Cozzo Pomieri
  • Hollies of Piano Pomo
  • Wild Apple Tree Selva del Suglio
  • Hawthorn of Carbonara
  • Beech tree of Piano Pomo
  • Beech tree of Pizzo Stefano
  • Wonderland Beech tree
  • Mountain Maple of Passo Canale

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