In the past, it was very common to bump into several mills along all the streams that feed the river Imera. Some of them still persist.

In the land called Alastri, there is the Ponte di Pietra (Stone Bridge) that has a fascinating structure, in fact it uses the particular rock conformation as a supports.

In the land called “San Brancato” (St. Pancrazio) there is the enchanting namesake bridge. It is an early medieval construction that was made by the Romans. It crosses the river Mandarins, mirroring in the surface water in the basin (which is traditionally called gorga). Every element of this place is a picturesque feature of the landscape.

Along these two districts, near the bridges, it is possible to see the ancient pavement of the trazzere regie (ancient main roads) which were built on the ways traced by the Romans.

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