It is unknown the exact date of construction, but thanks to the notary Filippo Di Maria’s document we know that it had already existed since 1614 because the 4th of November of the same year a donation was made and recorded in favour of the church by Domenico Geraci.

On the main altar there is a polychrome wooden statue of the St. Saviour that was made in 1687 by the sculptor Gio Pietro Ragona.

On the right side there is a beautiful wooden crucifix followed by a big painting of the Virgin of the Rosary. This is framed by an arch that contains hagiographic tiles representing the mysteries.

Then there is a painting of the Madonna and Child and the young St John that clearly remind us Raphael’s school.

Afterwards, there is a representation of the Virgin who holds a fiery heart with one hand and the blessing Child with the other.

It is followed by a painting with the popular representation of the Ecce Homo.

On the other wall there is a painting of the martyrdom of St. Bartholomew. It is followed by a painting of the Last Supper of popular taste and by an interesting painting called “St. Joseph”.

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