The church of St. John the Baptist is located in a valley at the margin of the village, next to the convent of the Capuchin Friars. Few people know it by this name, in fact the community identify it as the church of St. Calogero, because the altar hosted the statue of the saint patron.

The year of the church construction is uncertain, but its existence is documented at the end of the XV century thanks to a manuscript about the churches of 1887. It testifies that the church had already existed in 1503 when the Notary Francesco Berlingreri attested that the Society of St. John the Baptist had been founded there.

The building has a square plan and it is divided into three naves. The naves are separated by Tuscan columns that were painted in faux marble in 1843.
In the central nave, there is the altar of St. John the Baptist with a polychrome statue which was probably made by Gagini’s school.

In the right nave there is the altar of St. Calogero that was made in 1642. It is covered with polychrome marbles and it housed the statue of the saint patron that is now kept in the Mother Church.

The church is currently closed awaiting restoration.

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