Church of Sts. Mark and Biagio

It was built in the late XVII century and it is attached to the building of the former Mary’s boarding school.

The priest Ignazio Bellingreri wanted the boarding school to be built in 1778. His intention was to establish an educational and training institution, for the education of poor girls, to allow them to learn the rudiments of culture and embroidery techniques. In 1870 the secularity of the institute was confirmed, so that it became Female Primary Teaching School by the prof. Giulio Carapezza, in 1881. It was dedicated to Pietro Domina and it was transferred to the ancient cloistered convent of the Trinity. The church was previously set in XVII century, but it was rebuilt in 1814 when the Archpriest Don Nicola Polizzotti allowed the college to use it, providing that it would be rebuilt, so it was completed in 1842.

The only nave of the church has two altars on the left side: the first contains a painting of the Virgin of Jesus; the second is the Crucifix’s one where there is a polychrome papier mâché statue at whose feet a small painting of the Virgin of Sorrows is placed. Two other altars are on the right wall: the first is called the St. Mary of Pieta and there is a painting of the Virgin, St. Gaetano of Thiene and St. Philips Neri. The second altar has an elegant plaster niche which houses the papier-mâché statue of Saint Expedite from Melitene.

In the high altar there is a painting that was made by Giuseppe Salerno in 1611 of Our Lady of Graces with the Saints and martyrs Mark and Biagio.

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